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Creative curations by UNLIKE&Gency

Unlike&Gency is a creative house specializing in brand experience. It uses a creative formula which allows to influence the feeling of a consumer about a product or a company. (Unlike & Gency, 2023)

We're in sync with pop-urban culture to create impact & build bridges. We shape communications with multicultural audiences thru creative curations, storytelling & atypical experiences.


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To reinforce its commitment to sustainability, Mercedes-Benz Canada collaborated with elevated streetwear brand Unlike General Norms (UGN) and it’s founders. A creative take on elements of the Mercedes-EQ Innovation Zone was realised.To support MB, an installation representing creativity, innovation crafted in addition by U&G on St-Laurent street as an extensive embodiment of the EQ concept.

  • Brand positioning targeting young and multi-cultural audience throughout clothing collaboration and activation.
  •  Development of clothing & uniform design for brand ambassadors
  • 3D design of NFT character and renders of electric vehicle & EQ world
  •  Brand installation.

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Collaboration on the organization’s 60th anniversary charity Gala. As mandate: consulting, grooming & selection of clothing for the online campaign, concert performances, published editorial, features and public appearances made by celebrities, models and other public figures. Stylists were part of a larger creative team assembled by (UGN), also selected as the main fashion designer working with the organization’s photographer, director, hair stylist, and makeup artist to put together a particular look & theme for the specific venue.

  • Development of exclusive apparel for the performers and participant of the 60th anniversary Gala. Brand ambassadors on-stage worn T-shirt uniforms exclusively designed for the occasion. Shirts were manufactured in a fair-trade factory using textiles made from recycled water bottles.

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Implement of Remy Martin fine spirit in the elevated Unlike Atelier establishment. UA is concept studio offering grooming, hairdressing, clothing & sneaker retail space. The concept storefront offered a lounge & bar sponsored by Remy Martin fine cognac champagne. An alcoholic lemonade slush was exclusively crafted in the establishment. The mandate was to give an out of the box experience & service to visitors.


We are proactive in the research, the development & the undertaking of concepts in order to innovate, introduce new products/services or improve existing subjects. Design is a founding pillar of our company. Our branding expertise enlightens strategies from packaging to branding.

Production of film, video, photography, editorial, content, advertising, general aesthetic & presentation.

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Throughout many years of developing UGN trademarks, Unlike&Gency has acquired notable experience in the confection of High-Style wear, Ready-to-wear and lounge wear.

Collections: 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2022    Capsules: 2017 | 2018 | 2020 | FW21/SS21| 2022    Editorial: | Holr Magazine | Tallandskiinny x 4590’z

Graphic design, serigraphy, clothing services & solutions offered to commercial organizations.


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Annual creation of activations & pop ups in Montreal’s international urban art festival. UGN’s mission in this outdoor venue is to give free access to art and entertainment to a large public. It’s an genuine celebration of Montreal’s urban & multi-ethnic culture. This goes without saying the conception of artistic installations, DJ lineups, showcase of local musical artists and other rising figures of the city.

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Event realize in collaboration with JPMADEIT & Beachclub Mtl. The “Jumanji” concept celebrated a hot summer day in Montreal. Unlike uplifted an urban ambiance on the beachfront terrace of the largest outdoor club in North America. A delightful lineup of Dj curated various musical format.

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This experiential curation proposed an exclusive meal crafted by Unlike with Unibuger restaurant & nightime event in Unibar

The art of culinary storytelling for the senses; The Unlike Burger is a mouthwatering creation brought to you by the collaborative efforts. UGN and Unibar have worked marvellously to craft a burger that is not only delicious but also sustainable and honorable. 

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The Unlike x Hot Wheelz Festival is a vibrant, outdoor car exhibition & festival set to take place at the iconic Icar Mirabel Route 66. The event did not only showcase an array of stunning vehicles, but also feature live music, local artists, and business vendors from Montreal. It promises to always be an inclusive and diverse celebration that fosters a strong sense of community and connection.

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Branded experiential event for Courvoisier Canada. The mandate was to realize an imaginative summer concept to offer guests a unique experience. This private event promoted and introduce exquisite cocktail recipes with an urban ambiance.

• Presentation design & decoration
• Development of Signature cocktail menu
• Developpment of Gourmet menu to enhance Couvoisier beverages
• Graphic design
• Promotional advertisement design


Implementing creative experience and installation to help increase brand awareness, better showcase products & lifestyle while connecting with a young and emerging sneaker culture.


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Curation of multiple nights in supper clubs


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Foundation & Direction of elevated Hair studio offering grooming, hairdressing, clothing & sneaker retail space. Unlike General Norms official establishment & first concept store with a lounge sponsored by Remy Martin fine cognac champagne.


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Wardrobe styling for “ON EST LÀ” season 1 starring Fishnet 

As mandate: consulting, selection of clothing and grooming for the online streamed comedy show. Which included stand-up performances, published editorial features and many public appearances made by celebrities, artists, politicians and other public figures. Stylists were part of a larger creative team assembled by (UGN), also selected as the main fashion designer collaborating with the organization’s, photographer/director, hair stylist, and makeup artist to put together a particular look & theme for specific sets.

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U&G as curated many styling and custom made looks for show & media hosts. Names such as Didier Lucien, Annie Villeneuve, Anas Assouna, Oussama Fares, Mike Clay, Gael Comtois, Jean-Michel Elie, Jud Experience and Qcultur.

Development of branded illustration & exclusive apparel for the performers and participants of the outdoor comedy gala. Entertainers on-stage worn T-shirt uniforms exclusively designed for the occasion. The stylish and eye-candy streetwear design intended to target young and urban audience throughout brand collaboration with UGN.


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International figures have worn the unlike stamp such as Denzell Curry, Yvick, Mr. Eazi, Lonnie Anthony, High Klassified and Twojskicks

Moreover U&G has supported many local rising figures, such as Clay&friends, Dreysoul, Fishnet, Safia Nolin, Selmki, Benjamin St-Juste, Eklktik Group, Jnt productions, Steve Daniel, Qcultur, Christo Contreras Greezy, Brian harelimana, DeepC, 4590’z, Tallandskiinny, Freemasensei, Trilldeus, Kingcooper & more. 


The use & representation of pop-urban culture by the industry is good but understanding how this youthful culture resonates, connecting and creating access for the people concerned is greater. We communicate by using our voice, by sharing, by help connecting & uplifting people through multiple platforms in unexplored environments. We do this in order to break boundaries & push the urban culture forward. This is also why we support or collaborate with change-makers across the city & around the world.

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more ideals : Le bond Is Real podast




Conferences in Primary, Middle & High Schools

Our workshop facilitate students to discern creativity as a profession and self-development of skills outside of an academic setting. We use an atypical approach and concrete examples related to our background and field. Through this exchange, students can idealize and sharpen their business insight, even recognize the presence of creativity in conventional fields. We experienced having no guidance or role models while introducing the creative field. We learned gradually to overcome casual barriers and pitfalls related to starting up in the industry. To eradicate this misfortune we share our knowledge and experience in order to impact and enlighten the young creators of tomorrow. The goal is to inspire and stimulate young minds, but still, cultivate creative entrepreneurs.

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Our creative house has helped multiple schools to realize runways/fashion shows for fundraising or educational purposes.



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