Unlike for Mercedes-Benz Canada

This design symbolize a celebration of life and evolution. Beyond it’s artistic representation, implementing daily habits that take care of living beings and our planet is crucial. This shirt contains recycled plastic bottles and organic textile converted into new fabric to minimize harmful impact on the environment.

Mercedes-Benz has always been a pioneer regarding automotive craftsmanship and technology. Just like the German leader, Unlike’s “avant-Gardiste” vision and creative approach leans towards revolutionary actions.

As creators it is important to develop creations that brings a positive impact for our people. For us the EQ design is small step for individuals but a bigger step for humanity. It is a small seed being planted regarding all we individually need to do to change this world. We see the EQ innovative concept just like a tree. Time and perpetuity are the most important factors to grow strong roots and harvest it’s fruits. Renewable energy is a timeless and beautiful journey. A bright future and a universe of infinite possibilities awaits […]

Full article on: media.mercedes-benz.ca

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