Pandemic Proof

Everyone faced challenge and adversity during the pandemic. It was important for us to strengthen our relationship with people during these tough times. 

This capsule was a way of connecting people during social distancing measures. The Pandemic capsule is a subjective conversation through illustrated messages. The use of paradoxal quotes meant to bring people together by artistically saying " You' are not alone ".

This capsule was very meaningful because staying home made cozy apparel important. These playful designs intended to lift the spirits while being isolated at home during the sanitary crisis. This propaganda was a way of connecting people despite social distancing measures. The shirts were only available by preorders. As usual, the capsule featured bold imagery with silly quotes. Ordering by “direct messages” was a way to connect genuinely with people. An illustrated shirt was published each week for 6 weeks consecutive. Then a very limited restock was made by popular demand. Crafted in Montreal and delivered in person. The Pandemic capsule is a subjective conversation throughout paradoxal quotes “You’re not alone ” was it’s core message.

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