captured by: Julio Alejandro /Winno-Alain Daniel / / @Rollinshots Circa 2023


The Unlike x Hot Wheelz Festival transformed the iconic Icar Mirabel Route 66 into a dynamic and vibrant space that merges the love for cars with a celebration of community. The event did not only showcase an array of stunning vehicles, but also feature live music, local artists, and business vendors from Montreal. Over a thousands of participants attended. Exhibition zone, concert stage installation, lounge, marketplace, accessible race track were presented to the audience. A unique, inclusive, and lively summer atmosphere where vehicle enthusiasts, families, and the local community came together to appreciate the fusion of local culture and automobile passion.  The mission was to make this festival a memorable one, filled with a strong sense of belonging & summer memories. It promises to always be an inclusive and diverse celebration that fosters community and connection.

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