Mardi UGN mid sneakers – shadow white


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  • White embossed calfskin leather. Round toe in gray nubuck.
  • White ribbed rubber sole (Height: 2 cm) with perimeter seam
  • Elastic signature pattern at vamp
  • Lace traps at side level
  • Action painting on side (yellow, pink & turquoise)
  • Engraved signature logo on side & heel
  • Internal lining in white calf leather
  • Removable polyurethane insole
  • Handmade in Italy, Designed in Montreal

 ’’A combination of the past, the present and the future’’

It took us 509 days and 30 trials to craft & define perfectionTheMardi shoe line is a unique and timeless conception including 3 different styles; Low, Mid & High cuts. The fierce and futuristic lookis inspired by the world surrounding individuals & the renewing ofcontemporary intelligence.

Handmade in Italy, Designed in MontréalHigh comfort meets elegance […] High fashion sneakers are known for beinguncomfortable & webelieve a whole day wearing UGN should be delightful. To eradicate this stigma we combined lightness,sustainable comfort and adherence. Regardingdesign, the silhouette has been carefullydeveloped withItalian traditions & craftsmanship in order to obtain agraceful finish and a superior sewing method.The selection of fine Tuscanleathers and their natural tanning are a crucial part of the processMardi is designed to be an extension of the boldandconfident individuals […]  


  • Made with polyurethane, the insole is antibacterial and offers tremendous shock absorption, while ensuring humidity reduction & breathability. Mind and feet wellness is the main purpose.In order to bring down fatigue and heaviness, The extractable insole is designed to induce a healthy weight dispersion on the ground.



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