’’A combination of the past, the present and the future’’

It took us 509 days and 30 trials to craft & define perfection. The Mardi™ shoe line is a unique and timeless conception including 3 different styles; Low, Mid & High cuts. The fierce and futuristic look is inspired by the world surrounding individuals & renewing of the contemporary intelligence.

Handmade in Italy, Designed in Montréal.



 High comfort meets elegance [...]

       Lightness, longterm comfort and adherence along the whole day.

Italian grace, precise finish and superior sewing traditions.

 Fine Tuscan leathers with natural tans for easy maintenance and lastingness.
  Mardi is designed to be an extension of the bold
and uncompromising self valued individuals [...]
Shoelaces? Time is precious and belongs to you only. Thank us later.