We heard you're good in algebra [...]

UGN™️ is a trademark founded by two brothers who’s goal is to stimulate the well being with fashion & bring the best out individuals. Our brand is mainly focused on the conception of handmade Italian sneakers. The journey started because of an injustice the founders were victims back then. We believe that there is good in every bad circumstance and that’s why we always make the worst seem bright. We’re building something for those who once felt emptiness. We're flipping the script & share our vision in order to uplift people. One foot at a time, making each one stand out regardless and break usual norms.

  «La nature se plie et sait ce que je vaux. » - Louis Aragon

 La marque aux trois points [...]


Bold is confidence. It’s fire & desire. It’s letting no one stepping on your dreams and will. We  portray it like a badass person. It’s being young, passionate and ambitious. In our images, it’s that straight face & deep look into the eyes saying “I will do what the fuck I want, because I know I can. ”. We also call it HOPE. Because hope is having a feeling that what is wanted can be obtained or that events will turn out for the best.


We think cozy is  one of the most noticeable impression we leave on people around us. It’s truly important for our brand because it best describes what we appreciate in life. Cozy is the the gold couche we incorporate in most of our pictures. For us cozy is appreciation, It’s the way you treat people. Whatever we do we try to make warm, comfortable, cool & layback creations. We’re bringing you that snowy night in front of your TV in sweat pants. We always try to create a pleasant vibe around us, we believe LOVE is also a synonym for cozy.


Divergence is masterwork and controlled chaos. It’s wild, it’s bizzare & playful. It’s the renewing of the mind. Think about freedom. What we want to create with our products is a concrete abstraction. Like algebra, elements in life can be abstract but concrete. To each is own reality. We putted together 4 different themes to speak our soul ; Luxury, Hood, Nature & Urban. Divergence is following your heart endlessly. FAITH is our alternate word for divergent. "Do not be fashioned according to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind[…]" Romans 12:2